Energy Management Department

Energy management is turning into an essential property management focus area due to the expense it creates for the owner or Body Corporate. Inefficiency and skills shortages at local councils result in the management of these accounts by the managing agent. To provide optimum customer service, this type of management must be a detailed and precise exercise. National Real Estate identified a need because of the increasing lack of service in this area. This need, as well as strong demand from customers for a better alternative, resulted in our Energy Department.


This Department specializes in the water and electricity administration of the following: owners and tenants in sectional title complexes, commercial buildings; prepaid water and electricity.


We assist owners, trustees and directors with all meter readings, processing of readings and billing to the residents. We also manage the municipal and Centlec account with regards to transfers and assist in any queries or fluctuations. We provide a complete service, starting with collecting deposits, capturing of new resident accounts on behalf of the owner and refunding of deposits. All of this is done in a professional and timely manner.


Need advice, and quotations on prepaid water and electricity? We can assist you. Solar solutions for any size building or Body Corporate is also part of our portfolio.


The advantage of this department within National Real Estate is that one account is provided to the customer for levy charges, which include water and electricity if it is the owners' responsibility.


We can proudly state that the Energy Department adds value to your property.


Flippie Olivier

Department Head

Energy Management CMA (UCT)


+27 51 405 9990




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