Nation-wide lockdown

We would like to reassure you that our priority remains to serve our clients, protect our staff and operate effectively in order to continue to contribute to the South African economy.  NRE’s investments in cloud technology and paperless drives are what allows us to be able to say to you today: “NRE can carry on with business as usual.”


How each service is affected


While staff are forced to stay at home, we’d like to inform you of how NRE will work from home and how each of our services are affected while the office is closed.


Telephone calls

Our new cloud telephone system operates as long as staff have internet access, so our switchboard and all staff extensions will work as if we were all still in the office.  You can still dial the direct numbers or be transferred from switchboard to the correct person you need to talk to.


Email correspondence

Our staff will be supplied with internet access, so we’ll be able to attend to emails all the time .


Account enquiries and payment

We promote the usage of our Mobile App or Website login to view your live account as well as log enquiries through the client portal directly.  These logged calls will reach your portfolio manager directly and can be tracked for feedback and progress from your portal.

See your monthly invoice for bank details to pay your account via EFT or visit a Standard Bank branch for cash payments, since banks will remain open during the lockdown period.  Remember to use your correct reference number when making any payment.


Sectional Title AGM meetings

We have access to technology like Microsoft Teams which can be used for client meetings as well as Sectional Title Annual General Meetings to ensure meetings can continue within the legislative framework.  Owners can join such meeting by clicking on an email link, no need to install software.

Maintenance issues

Unfortunately normal maintenance work are not allowed to carry on, but emergency situations need to be reported immediately.  Our emergency number will be attended to after hours, so just dial our office to be directed should the need arise.

You are welcome to log any normal maintenance requests directly through our App which can be prioritised to be attended to as soon as contractors are allowed to work again.  By doing so you will automatically receive an Issue number for easy follow-up and progress feedback on your request.


Moving and viewing of properties

Unfortunatly total lockdown means nobody will be able to move or view properties to rent or for sale during this 21 day period.  Please feel free to visit our App and website for photos of all available listings which you’ll also be able to apply for online.


Signing of lease agreements

NRE’s paperless technology and processes enables you to apply online and sign lease agreements without entering our office or touching a paper once.  Feel free to contact our agents with enquiries and more detail.


Giving notice to vacate and claiming deposit refunds

Both these processes are already performed via our App, so there is no need to visit our office or even phone or email us, since the response will just be a link to the App where a form needs to be completed.  Our Accounts department will remain fully functional in order to pay out finalized refunds.


Inspections, meter readings and deliveries

This is the one service which remains manual labour and will unfortunately have to be postponed for now.  Complexes are welcome to send NRE proof of their monthly meter readings if a resident is willing to assist in the process.  This way utility bills can still be distributed accurately and prevent estimates to be used.


Monthly statements and Supplier-/Owner payments

Sending of monthly tenant and owner statements will not be affected.  Please refer to last week’s correspondence regarding change in owner reporting periods.

All electronic banking remains functional during this time and our staff will continue as normal to process daily/weekly/monthly payments to owners, vendors and suppliers.




Tel:  051-405 9990


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