Swimming Pool Safety Requirements

The National Building Regulations and the Local City By-Laws also make provision for safety to the general public. Failure to comply with these provisions may give rise to the client being held liable in the event of an injury or death

  1. In terms of SANS 10400, the swimming pool at the insured premises needs to be protected with a fence surrounding the pool to restrict access thereto. The fence needs to be at least 1.2m high from the ground and must not have any opening which will permit the passage of a 100mm diameter ball. The gate granting access to the pool needs to be fitted with a self-locking device. This can be done with a spring system latching operation.

Additional Swimming Pool Safety Requirements

In addition to the above, you require the following safety precautions to be implemented at the swimming pool.

  1. The insured needs to fit depth markers in/ on the outside of the pool indicating the depth of the deep and shallow ends respectively.
  2. A disclaimer board needs to be placed at the entrance to the pool area indicating that the users of the pool do so at their own risk.

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