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National Real Estate specialises in property management and related industries.

We are fully committed to serve our customers more effectively than our opposition through the efficient management of our business with highly skilled and dedicated personnel.

The management and staff of our company have worked relentlessly in establishing National Real Estate as the market leader in the property industry within the Free State area, and now we are branching out and making that a reality nationally.

Through the implementation of our digital platforms, National Real Estate is able to offer a more cost-effective management solution.


Our head office is situated in the main business hub of Bloemfontein as well as recently expanding and opening up a new branch in the west - Langenhovenpark.


With the combination of our extensive experience and professionally trained staff, we deploy the necessary infrastructure and advanced systems to avoid the pitfalls and headaches associated with property portfolio management.





It all starts with the basics, a strong foundation. When built correctly, it becomes a physical testament to many years of hard-earned trust and integral support. Buildings are more than concrete boxes, they are places of restorative refuge, spaces for hours of meaningful work, or reliable means to store your most valuable possessions.

Whatever the building’s purpose, they all have one thing in common - grounded on steadfast foundations.
A tangible commitment to the upholding of the tried and true, maintaining traditional values while innovating for generations to come.

Foundations mostly go unnoticed, they’re not the apex of a building but without them, there would be no top floor - there’d be no glory. Let’s take a moment to appreciate the beginnings of building in order to acknowledge our earnest desire to do things the right way.

We harness the power of structural integrity beyond the confines of these concrete boxes in order to add value to the lives of our many happy customers.


The type of Integrity that can be felt through a human connection and an adoration for decades of relationship building because we add value to property.




We strive to be South Africa’s premier property management service provider known for decades of hard-earned wisdom and the efficiency of our warm people-first approach to stakeholder relations.



Originating in 1933, National Real Estate specialises in all aspects of property management to maintain and maximise the full potential of property assets and related infrastructures by providing the most contemporary, tech-enabled practices, highly-skilled staff, and aligning the interests of stakeholders from all backgrounds - ensuring we add value to your property.


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